Monday, February 21, 2011

Buying Property in Guanacaste

If there was ever a better time to buy property Guanacaste I think many that know the area would say it is NOW! The tourism has gone up by 23% from last year which is an astonishing number. What is happening is there are still people that have some pretty good deals for sale in Guanacaste and now is the time to make that investment before everyone catches on to the idea that Guanacaste might be getting it's second wind.

Where to buy in Guanacaste

It all depends what you are looking for when you are deciding what to shop for in Guanacaste. There are a number of different places you can shop. The airport of Liberia lets not forget is just less than an hour on good roads to the town of Tamarindo. The Tamarindo area is a bit crowded and very developed and is often used as a place for people on their Costa Rica family vacation. It is still a great spot and great investment if that is the vibe you are looking for. Also you can find a number of beaches that run along the peninsula of Guanacaste such as Playas del Coco, Playa Potrero, Playa Conchal, and Playa Flamingo just to name a few. All of these beaches are beautiful in their own way

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Costa Rica Airport Expansion

If you have visited Costa Rica in the last few months you know that the San Jose Airport Juan SantaMaria is a little different than it was a few years back. There has been a long awaited expansion of the already modern looking airport. During the last year the airport has really been working hard on making this expansion a reality. This expansion will benefit all visiting Costa Rica for business purposes or coming for a Costa Rica vacation.

The expansion has made the airport larger and also the line at customs move more smoothly. With the hard work that has been done with the Juan SantaMaria they were voted "the most improved airport" in all of Central America and the Caribbean. This also put them on the list of the 3rd best airport in the region only behind Cancun, Mexico and Guayaquil, Ecuador. This was according to an article in the TicoTimes.

It is nice to hear about the plans for projects like this and even nicer to see the benefits play out after much hard work to get it done. Maybe the airport in the south of the country is just around the corner. If you are interested in getting ahead of the game and buying some property in the south of Costa Rica before the airport is built then let us know.

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Living in Costa Rica

Many people often wonder what it would be like to live in a different country. I have lived in Costa Rica for 10 years and my parents retired down here to live in Costa Rica around 4 years ago. One of the main things people come looking for when moving to Costa Rica is the lifestyle.

This lifestyle includes a few different things. The first for my retired parents was the weather and tempature. They are located at around 6,000ft with beautiful mountain air of mid 60's all year round. YES, ALL YEAR! That was the selling point. My parents are from the New York area and as most know it gets cold there. They then moved down to Florida and to make up for not getting very cold it gets blistering hot in FL. What they found here in Costa Rica is that being this low in the tropics at around 9 degrees above the equator the tempature only fluctuates between 2 degrees all year.

The second big selling point for myself and my parents is that anything and everything is close. If you want a capital city to go to the theatre, a beach to relax in the sun, or a mountain cabin to enjoy the cool fresh air. All of these can be within 1 hour of each other. The country lends itself to living the way you want to live. If you want to live in a community that will take care of all your house needs you can now find that.

With this blog entry I could literally talk for hours about the many positive benefits of living in Costa Rica. You might see every once in awhile that somebody is complaining about something that happened in this laid back culture but all and all more people are happy with Costa Rica which means more people will be moving down. I like to see this that even if the Costa Rican lifestyle is not for you atleast you made a good investment if you decide to buy some land.

What are some of your favorite parts about living in Costa Rica?

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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Positive Sign for Real Estate

The numbers are in and as some might not believe according to the TicoTimes Costa Rica set a record in 2010 to the number of tourist arriving to Costa Rica. The number was over 2 million tourist. This is great news for the Costa Rican economy and also something everyone interested in Real Estate wants to hear.

This is an exceptional amount of tourist considering the economic crisis of 2009. This is a great sign for Costa Rica Real Estate because as most of you know the more people that come to see Costa Rica the more will want to buy real estate. Also to have this many visitors or people that find an interest in Costa Rica for whatever the reason might be is going to help property value hold firm.

This is an excellent sign for anyone in business in Costa Rica not just real estate. It surely means a lot for those people that work in Costa Rica tourism industry also but you can be in any business and be glad that there are positive numbers of Tourist arriving in Costa Rica .

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Costa Rican Business in USA

We have all heard about doing business in Costa Rica and the benefits of investing in Costa Rica or giving a business a chance. But what we do not hear too much about is a Costa Rican business taking their sales to the USA. The Costa Rican's are very tech-savy and very educated people. If I were to guess I would have said that a small tech company was giving it a go in the USA. Well it turns out I am way off. I guess I should stick to Costa Rica real estate blogging and Costa Rica Vacations.

The company that just recently opened up in the State of Florida in Palm Beach is Pops. If you have lived in Costa Rica or visited a few times you might be familiar with Pops. This is a small ice cream chain that is owned by Costa Rican's and have spread themselves all over the country. They seem to be all over and sometimes I feel their are more Pops than ATM's.

According to La Nacion the investment was done with $300,000's and a contract to employ 12 employees. If anyone is in business in Costa Rica you know this is a very big difference than what you would pay to start a business here in Costa Rica. It will be interesting to see how they do and what they charge for ice cream. It is said that they will have local Costa Rican flavors but the most sold is the brownie.

Whatever happens and we hope for the best it is still a great thing to be proud of for all small business owners in Costa Rica and also says that with an economy still not completely on it's feet in the USA that a small Costa Rican company can afford to go give it a shot and test their luck in the USA. So now if you are thinking of visiting Florida for a vacation and you are from Costa Rica you can have yourself a little taste of home.

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