Saturday, April 9, 2011

IPhone 4 in Costa Rica

If you have ever owned an Apple anything you will know that they have some of the best customer service on the planet. Well it looks as if Apple is going to take the gamble and let ICE represent their customer service on the new IPhone 4. If you want an IPhone 4 it was stated in La Nacion that ICE will be distributing them and also giving the customer service.

This should be interesting and personally if I was an owner of one of the new IPhone 4's which someday would be nice I would probably get on line or call one of Apple's 800 numbers. Nothing against ICE but do you really think the customer service of an IPhone 4 fits into the daily agenda of the many things ICE has going on?

I will say though on a bit of a more positive note for ICE I have always been impressed how the tech support in your local ICE office has quite a bit of knowledge of the many different brands and types of cell phones that come their way. I am a blackberry guy and they have been able to do everything needed so I guess we should give them a chance with the I Phone 4 before we make any assumptions that it might be too much for them.

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