Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hospital Clinica Biblica

Costa Rica has been known for health care and in recent years it has been booming with rapid growth of it's health care system. One main reason for this rapid growth is visitors looking for health care because of rising cost in the USA or lack of coverage. The public and private hospitals of Costa Rica offer care at a very affordable price with some expertise that is par with the USA health care system. According to a recent certification by Joint Commision International (JCI) no other hospital in Costa Rica has stepped up to the rapid growth better than Clinica Biblica in San Jose.

Clinica Biblica Costa Rica

This is the second time the Clinica Biblica has been awarded this prestige honor and it will last until 2013 when they will be up for certification again. In a recent article by the TicoTimes they state that the certification of the JCI is based on: better patient care and safety; cost reduction and increased operational efficiency; growth in public confidence; continual improvement of sanitary conditions; education and best practices; increased employee satisfaction and recruitment.

One of the interesting parts I noticed is that they offer education and best practices. What the hospital does is offer education and free talks on how to take better care of yourself and live better. Now that sounds like a hospital that really cares.

With a recent operation from a private hospital in Costa Rica I could not have been happier with the service and care they gave me which was most important. After the service and care I was able to then enjoy the fact that the operation was a total of $5,000's as compared to the $20,000's I was quoted in the USA. Maybe I will take the $15,000 that is left over and look for some Costa Rican real estate.

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