Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dining in Costa Rica

It is funny to me when you hear people that think of Costa Rica as just rice and beans along with a few fried plantains as the cuisine. This might be true for the traditionalCostaRican meal but you have to take into consideration that Costa Rica is a small country that has had visitors from all over the world. These visitors have been attracted by the nice people, natural beauties, and lifestyle of "Pura Vida".

When you combine visitors from all over the world, business from all over the world, a developing capital city of San Jose, and more and more people moving to the beaches for their vacation homes it does not take long before you see the many different types of international restaurant not only in the San Jose area but also along the Pacific Coast.

Restaurants in Costa Rica

There are many books one can read when looking for different places to dine around Costa Rica. If I had to give a quick personal opinion I would say that the Grano de Oro Hotel ha
s one of the best restaurants in the Central Valley. When traveling to the Pacific you might want to check out Kapi Kapi (Indeginous name which means "welcome"). The Kapi Kapi restaurant is located in Manuel Antonio. These are just two of many places to eat in Costa Rica. For more information on places to eat you can find books in any souvenir shop on dining in Costa Rica.

We are interested in places that you might know of that are good places to eat. Working in the real estate business it is always of interest to us to show our clients a great meal. Let us know some of your favorite places in Costa Rica to eat we would love to hear?

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