Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Costa Rican Sports

It is not all about soccer here in Costa Rica. If you visit La Sabana park on a Saturday or Sunday you will notice that Costa Rican's are open to almost any type of organized sport. The La Sabana park has everything from basketball, gymnastics, boxing, speed skating, and much more. Costa Rica in the recent months is home to two athletes that have not only put themselves on the map but are making a name for Costa Rica in sports other than soccer.

If you have not heard the names already they are a young man named Nery Brenes and a 27 year old women from Limon named Hanna Gabriel. Nery is Costa Rica's fastest person being a track and field dominance on an international level. Hanna is one girl who you do not want to get in road rage with or a bar fight. She is Costa Rica's world championship boxer and she surely fits the profile.

Hanna Gabriel

Hanna Gabriel comes from a family of athletes. Her father is a promoter of boxing and she only got into boxing to try and lose some weight and she ended up being the world champ. Her brother plays in Costa Rica's professional soccer league. She holds a record of 11 wins and 1 tie. Her weight clase has here competing at around 155lbs. They are starting to televise here fights on TV here in Costa Rica and it is quite the treat to watch this women fight. She looks as if she is in perfect shape and is a very beautiful young lady who might have a career in modeling after she finishes punching people in the face.

Nery Brenes

Nery Brenes is a 25 year old also from the province of Limon who competes on the international level of track in field running the 400 mts which is one of the most competitive events on the planet. Nery's running has taken him on a tour around the world visiting Germany, Puerto Rico, Japan, China, Spain, and many more on the list to come. He has won gold on numerous events and has the Olympics in sight to run with the world's fastest.

With many young Costa Rican's and a country that enjoys staying active you can be assu
re that many more athletes will be making big news from Costa Rica in the future and remember don't just focus on the soccer ball there are many more sports that can put these young Costa Rican's on center stage.

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