Monday, January 17, 2011

Coffee in Costa Rica 2011

If you notice early in the morning you see families getting ready for a day in the fields of picking coffee. Every cup that is drank here in Costa Rica on our way to work or during our 3pm "recreo" it came from one of these workers in the fields. It is that time of year to start to harvest the coffee here in parts of Costa Rica. According to a recent article in the ticotimes the harvest this year will be much lower than it was last year. This is due to the heavy rains that Costa Rica had this past rainy season.

The good part though about this coffee harvest is that the value of coffee on the market is up an incredible 88%. Farmers are hoping that the rise in value of coffee will offset the low harvest due to rain.

Coffee here in Costa Rica is a crop that the "Ticos" take quite a bit of pride in and they have every reason to. It is a crop that has brought much economic growth to the country. The beauty of coffee in Costa Rica is that in almost all cases it is owned by Costa Rican's on a small level. Farmers set up "cooperativos" which might be a group of 200 farmers with a total of land of 1,000 hectares. Together all of these farmers will form their own large coffee company allowing everyone to get a piece of the pie.

Enjoy the scenery of the beautiful coffee plantations this time of year and if you get a chance just stop for a minute and enjoy the view and the workers in the field. It is quite a humbling and peaceful experience to just watch the fields being worked on.

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