Monday, November 29, 2010

Costa Rica Mountain Homes

We have seen many homes in Costa Rica but if you are looking for nature and being up in the mountains this is one of the most amazing places there is. Located in the hills of Heredia this brand new home is one of a kind. There are plenty of waterfalls in Costa Rica but to have one literally almost in your living room is quite unique. Take a look:

Heredia Costa Rica

Heredia is an area that is located on the East side of San Jose on the foothills of the Barva Volcano. The mountains of Heredia are not as developed as the west side of San Jose allowing for many places to give you the mountain feel with the tall trees and fresh mountain air. This has made the mountains of Heredia an excellent choice for looking for Costa Rican Real Estate. The center of Heredia has developed into an area where you really don't have to travel far to find what you are looking for. The beautiful and large mall of Paseo de las Flores has movie theaters, shops, excellent restaurants, and a state of the art fitness center. Heredia has built a brand-new hospital and many small universities are in the area also.

Heredia often boast of having the best climate in the Central Valley of Costa Rica. It's elevation just above that of San Jose allows it to catch the cooler air passing through the Central Valley. The mountains of Heredia can give you cool mountain air where even a chimney can be used at night and then during the day back to cool air where all you need is a t-shirt and jeans.

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

San Jose Costa Rica

The area of Escazu is filled with beautiful homes, large fancy malls, private schools, and an endless number of places to eat. Escazu has become home to many people wanting to live in the San Jose area and have the luxuries of everything needed. The buzz that many had in the real estate market was that things were just going to keep being developed in parts of Escazu and heading west out to the area of Ciudad Colon.

What some people might have forgotten about was what was going on to the east of Escazu. To the east of Escazu you have La Sabana Park. As you drive around this park today you get such a different feeling. Two things have caused drastic changes for the good and this area and downtown San Jose is starting to look and feel like a major capital city that will attract more and more people to think about investing or living in the center of San Jose.

The first thing that has helped with this change is the new National Stadium. This stadium cost $88 million dollars and was donated by China. Call it a political move because we know China got some perks on it also, but the bottom line is that last month when they removed the construction wall, added the beautiful landscaping and sidewalks (just like the picture above) that extend out to the street, the transformation of the whole area is outstanding.

The second thing that has been done in La Sabana area is the construction of high rise condos. There are a number of different luxurious condos that have great cityscape views of San Jose, the new stadium and surrounding picturesque mountains. These condos are very modern looking and have added exactly what was missing to give this area of San Jose a capital city feel.

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Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving List for Costa Rica

As most of you know yesterday was the Thanksgiving celebrations in the USA. Thanksgiving is not a celebrated holiday here in Costa Rica but most Costa Rican's and foreigners who live in Costa Rica at least are aware of the day. The American's that live in Costa Rica even have the chance to celebrate Thanksgiving in their homes or in a number of different groups that put together celebration dinners.

Turkey is not one of the main meals here in Costa Rica but with the Automercado Supermarket you can even have your dinner with a very tasty Turkey. The Automercado imports 80% of it's goods allowing foreigners who live in Costa Rica to find many of their favorite things from back home.

Everyone should make a Thanksgiving list writing down the things you want to give thanks for during the past year or just overall in your life. Being a company here in Costa Rica and dealing with Real Estate we have decided to write a Thanksgiving list based on what people who move to or just invest in Costa Rica have become ever so grateful for:

1.) Natural Beauties - of Costa Rica. No matter where you decide to build a home or even buy a home that is already made you will almost always have a view of a nearby volcano or mountain range. If you want to take your investment to some of our Pacific properties I can almost assure you that the number one thing on your Thanksgiving list will be the amazing sunsets that your are treated to eveyday and allow you to enjoy 30 minutes of complete peace.

2.) The prices of Costa Rican Real Estate - Although they are not as low as they use to be one of the things many clients are giving thanks for is that their properties have not gone down in value like many properties in the States. Many clients are grateful that people from all over the world shop for real estate in Costa Rica allowing prices to based on more of a global scale.

3.) Solid Tourism industry in Costa Rica - Not only is tourism one of the top industries in Costa Rica but it is staying steady and estimated to have a very high growth this year. Our clients are giving thanks that more tourist in the country will attract more buyers which will ultimately give more value to their investment.

4.) Roads and infrastructure - Our clients are grateful that although not every road is perfect that over the last 5 years there has been great improvemnent in many roads. They are greatful that their is not just talk about the roads that still need to be fixed but there is action being taken and workers out there everyday making this happen. One example is the highway between the airport and Heredia. Another example is the Caldera highway that has just opened and the San Carlos highway that is making fast progress.

5.) Happiness & Peace - our clients are giving thanks for the happiness and peace of Costa Rica. Not only does Costa Rica not have an army but their people were voted some of the happiest on the planet. When it comes to the true meaning of Thanksgiving if you can give thanks for Happiness & Peace you have what almost all of mankind considers that best investment possible.

From our company to your home we would like to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Deals

Well since today is Black Friday take a look at some of the best deals (CLICK HERE) you can find in Costa Rica and if this is not what your looking for contact us because we will find it:

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Renewable Energy Costa Rica

Many people when buying second homes look for ways to cut down the cost just a little bit to maintain the homes on a monthly basis. When looking to expand your business the monthly bills always come into play on the area you might decide to open a new office. The Istitute of Costa Rican Electricity (ICE) is now making those concerns less of a burden by allowing energy consumers to produce their own energy.

Low Monthly Energy Cost

ICE is starting a pilot program that will allow residential, commercial, and industrial energy users to generate their own energy. The different forms of forming your own energy through this program would be hydro and micro-hydro, wind, sun, and bio-mass. The users of this program will still be connected to the main grid of ICE and when their production of electricity is greater than their consumption the energy will flow into the national grid. The way I look at it is a very interesting way of ICE hiring, you the consumer, to produce Energy. In producing energy you save money and ICE gets to pick up some of the left over Energy that is being produced by these homes and businesses. It is a win win situation for ICE and the energy consumer saving cost on all ends.

For anyone interested in Real Estate it is just another way that Costa Rica is keeping up with the times and making some of those already low living cost even lower.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

All Parts of Costa Rica

When it comes to Costa Rican Real Estate we have all seen and heard about the many different Hollywood stars making their rounds wanting a piece of paradise. From Danny Davito taking his son surfing in Dominical for 2 straight years and then looking for some real estate to Mel Gibson and many other stars buying up some of Guanacaste.

What you might not have expected was the stop George Clooney made to the very small rural town of Cacao de Alajuela. One of the amazing things about Costa Rica that has always caught my attention is each small or large town I visit I always end up saying to myself, "I could live here". The town of Cacao is nothing special and is made up of sugar-cane and just a pass through town on your way to the beautiful hills of Grecia. When I heard George Clooney was in Cacao I could not believe it. The fact is he was not looking for Real Estate but he was showing something that so many other people that visit more and more different parts of Costa Rica are starting to see. This is that if you take the time to explore a little bit and look at the many different parts of Costa Rica you are almost for sure to find something you really enjoy about the area.

Turrialba and Lake Arenal

A perfect example of this is the Turrialba area and the Lake Arenal area both of which offer great deals in Real Estate and are not the places that are first mentioned when dealing with Real Estate in Costa Rica. If you visit the areas of Turrialba and Arenal and spend a week you will start to see so many things in the area to do and see that you might not have known of.

The fact that George Clooney was in Cacao de Alajuela and said he really enjoyed himself helped remind us that Costa Rica still has so much available and if you are interested in finding it Properties in Costa Rica can make that happen.

Picture Above: La Mansion Inn Lake Arenal

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Friday, November 19, 2010

Things to Know about Costa Rica

Found some interesting facts by some pretty reputable places that you might find interesting if you are thinking of real estate in Costa Rica. Take a look at these quotes:

Costa Rica is one of the most stable and robust democracies in Latin America...with a healthy economic growth rate...and some of the best social indicators on the continent. - The World Bank

Costa Rica ranked 27th safest country to invest in out of 140. It is impressive considered the United States was ranked 22nd. - Study by Miami Herald

San Jose, Costa Rica ranked as a "Top 25" city in the world in which to do business. - Fortune Magazine
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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Things to Look For...

The new highway in Costa Rica that makes the drive out to the Pacific just over an hour has been open for some time now. Many people have mentioned the ease of having your San Jose home in places like Ciudad Colon and an easy weekend beach get-a-way condo in places like Jaco.

But what I also think people need to keep an eye on is everything in between. There are a number of places that the highway runs by that many people don't even know yet because off ramps are not opened yet or they are too busy looking at the new highway.

So for those of us zipping along on the new highway through what some points you feel like you are on a canyon lets not forget the real estate opportunities that might be sitting to the each side of this beautiful new highway.

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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Costa Rica Real Estate

After talking with a U.S. Attorney who has traveled the world and has made Costa Rica his home now for almost 30 years I started to think about the things he told me about Real Estate. He has made the area of Cariari his home and office. He happens to be a fan of golf so having real estate in Cariari is a nice choice. He mentioned to me that he first came to Costa Rica 30 years ago on his way to the South Pole (like I said he has traveled the world). He was stopping by Costa Rica just for the night and he thought to himself "this place I have to come back and spend some more time". It turns out the following year he did. He said what he loved so much about Costa Rica was that he could have real estate in different areas with different climates and they would be close enough where he could visit them all in a day.

I thought to myself what an interesting way of putting it and that there are few places on the planet where you can have a home in the city, some property in cool mountain fresh air, and then a condo on the beach all of which you could swing by and check in the same day. He mentioned that he had property all over the USA but he never had the chance to use each property as much as his wife liked. He said when he moved here it was more practical and he was able to use his different pieces of property.

Different Shapes and Sizes

With over 32 different micro-climates in Costa Rica if you are looking for a place to retire or just some land to invest in, the chances are what you have in mind might be waiting for you in Costa Rica. There is everything from well developed neighborhoods like in Lindora or Escazu, to remote jungle or beaches like in the Dominical areas. You can invest in properties that might be an area of commerical opportunity or find what you're looking for in the rural areas of Turrialba.

This country really does have just a bit of everything and with it's size being around the same as West Virginia and with road improvement happening daily, it is becoming more and more common to see families with a home in the city and a second or even third home outside of the Central Valley, to experience some of the most wonderful natural beauty mother nature has to offer.

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Change of Seasons Costa Rica

For anyone that is familiar with Costa Rica you know that it has two seasons. The rainy season and the dry season. We in real estate like to call the rainy season the green season because after you get use to the afternoon showers you start to enjoy the rain. There is also a special time of year that almost everyone loves and that is when the green season changes into the dry season.

I've decided to blog on this today because I feel this past weekend the country had a chance to enjoy some of the nicest weather of the year which might be an early sign of the changing of seasons or at least a taste of what is to come very soon. Without getting into scientific terms I want to describe to you what the change of seasons in Costa Rica consist of. If you own some property in Costa Rica or are looking for some real estate and you show up during this time it will make your decision tough because you will fall in love with every place you visit.

What we experience is a drop in temperature in the Central Valley to around the high 60's. This temperature is related to winds which breeze through the Central Valley from morning until night. The mountain ranges that lead out to the Pacific coast look as if they open the valley up to the ocean allowing for a view of the ocean blue from almost all foot hills of the Central Valley. To go along with this feeling of euphoria from day to night you will notice it is not necessary to visit the beach to view some of the finest sunsets. The sea looks as if it were a brand new copper penny as the sunset bounces off it. The whole valley is filled with the 5:40pm sunsets. You mix all of this with what usually comes off a month of Costa Rica's heaviest rains and it really allows everyone to just sit back and relax for a bit.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

7 Natural Wonders of Costa Rica

Want to see some of Costa Rica's most prime real estate? Here it is. Unfortunately we will not be able to help you buy any of these pieces but we sure can find things close to them. Back in 2007 La Nacion (Costa Rican Newspaper) took a poll with the Costa Rican people as what they though were the seven natural wonders of Costa Rica. These are 7 places that you will not be able to buy real estate but all 7 place I can assure you will make any piece you buy here in Costa Rica a bit more valuable.

This is an interesting list as three of the seven are very well known on a world wide level. The three that have the most recognition worldwide would be the Arenal Volcano, Coco Island, and the Monteverde Reserve. Here is the list of all seven:

1. Coco Island

2. Arenal Volcano

3. Chirripo National Park

4. Tortuguero Canals

5. Poas Volcano

6. Monteverde Cloudforest Reserve

7. Rio Celeste

Monday, November 1, 2010

Costa Rica Real Estate

In an interview done with CEO of Properties in Costa Rica Arturo Guzman by the Real Estate Magazine a number of interested topics were discussed in regards to Costa Rican real estate. Arturo shares his thoughts on some of the current questions of the Costa Rica real estate market.

The article starts out by asking Arturo who is buying properties in Costa Rica? The answer was that local Costa Rican's and foreigners are buying properties. The locals are encouraged to buy with the opening credit while many foreigners are buying with direct financing available through the buyer. There is also a number of foreigners and Costa Rican's that have the capital available to buy.

In talking about the recent years of the market in Costa Rica Arturo makes the comment that "Remember that the prices in Costa Rica wre unrealistic in the past years because of the housing boom in the United States" He also states that "in this country people get carried away because a "real estate" expert told them their property is worth so much or that a nearby property sold for a certain price". The answer goes on to point out the importance of working with reputable appraisal experts and Real Estate companies that have an understanding of the market in Costa Rica.

Where to buy in Costa Rica?

Probably everyone's favorite question of the article is: What are the Areas of Appeal?
Anyone reading a real estate magazine is going to want to know what one of Costa Rica's most recognized real estate experts has to say about where to buy. Well the answer was related to new roads and some beautifull beaches along the Pacific coast. The new highway is La Caldera highway that runs from San Jose to the Pacific Coast and also the 40 km stretch of the Coastenera highway that connects the port town of Quepos to Dominical and opens up to picturesque beaches from Dominical South.

Future of Costa Rica Real Estate

By now you are asking yourself what the future holds for Costa Rica real estate? When dealing with the future you sort of have to see where the present is. Arturo had an excellent answer when responding to the future of the market. He mentioned that Costa Rica was one of the happiest countries on the planet, people are very educated, and it is of the top eco-tourism destinations on Earth. As far as we can tell the future looks very promising.