Tuesday, December 14, 2010

New Website for National Registry

If you are involved in Real Estate or are just a property owner in Costa Rica you have at some point had to use the National Registry site. Chances are if you have not mastered the Spanish language you have had somebody do this for you. Well if you need to check on the National Registry for any reason now you can do it online and in English.

Take a look at their new English site: http://www.rnpdigital.com/eng_principal/index.htm

This is an excellent step forward for Costa Rica and goes to show that English speakers are valued as land owners here in Costa Rica. This is a step forward to make life a little bit easier on those land owners.

The site is new and needs its touch ups but all in all it seems to get the job done. The site gives a perfect overview of the registry's functions, guidelines, and rules (which everyone should follow), and even a glossary to keep you up on terms used in the Real Estate industry.

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