Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving List for Costa Rica

As most of you know yesterday was the Thanksgiving celebrations in the USA. Thanksgiving is not a celebrated holiday here in Costa Rica but most Costa Rican's and foreigners who live in Costa Rica at least are aware of the day. The American's that live in Costa Rica even have the chance to celebrate Thanksgiving in their homes or in a number of different groups that put together celebration dinners.

Turkey is not one of the main meals here in Costa Rica but with the Automercado Supermarket you can even have your dinner with a very tasty Turkey. The Automercado imports 80% of it's goods allowing foreigners who live in Costa Rica to find many of their favorite things from back home.

Everyone should make a Thanksgiving list writing down the things you want to give thanks for during the past year or just overall in your life. Being a company here in Costa Rica and dealing with Real Estate we have decided to write a Thanksgiving list based on what people who move to or just invest in Costa Rica have become ever so grateful for:

1.) Natural Beauties - of Costa Rica. No matter where you decide to build a home or even buy a home that is already made you will almost always have a view of a nearby volcano or mountain range. If you want to take your investment to some of our Pacific properties I can almost assure you that the number one thing on your Thanksgiving list will be the amazing sunsets that your are treated to eveyday and allow you to enjoy 30 minutes of complete peace.

2.) The prices of Costa Rican Real Estate - Although they are not as low as they use to be one of the things many clients are giving thanks for is that their properties have not gone down in value like many properties in the States. Many clients are grateful that people from all over the world shop for real estate in Costa Rica allowing prices to based on more of a global scale.

3.) Solid Tourism industry in Costa Rica - Not only is tourism one of the top industries in Costa Rica but it is staying steady and estimated to have a very high growth this year. Our clients are giving thanks that more tourist in the country will attract more buyers which will ultimately give more value to their investment.

4.) Roads and infrastructure - Our clients are grateful that although not every road is perfect that over the last 5 years there has been great improvemnent in many roads. They are greatful that their is not just talk about the roads that still need to be fixed but there is action being taken and workers out there everyday making this happen. One example is the highway between the airport and Heredia. Another example is the Caldera highway that has just opened and the San Carlos highway that is making fast progress.

5.) Happiness & Peace - our clients are giving thanks for the happiness and peace of Costa Rica. Not only does Costa Rica not have an army but their people were voted some of the happiest on the planet. When it comes to the true meaning of Thanksgiving if you can give thanks for Happiness & Peace you have what almost all of mankind considers that best investment possible.

From our company to your home we would like to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Deals

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