Saturday, November 27, 2010

San Jose Costa Rica

The area of Escazu is filled with beautiful homes, large fancy malls, private schools, and an endless number of places to eat. Escazu has become home to many people wanting to live in the San Jose area and have the luxuries of everything needed. The buzz that many had in the real estate market was that things were just going to keep being developed in parts of Escazu and heading west out to the area of Ciudad Colon.

What some people might have forgotten about was what was going on to the east of Escazu. To the east of Escazu you have La Sabana Park. As you drive around this park today you get such a different feeling. Two things have caused drastic changes for the good and this area and downtown San Jose is starting to look and feel like a major capital city that will attract more and more people to think about investing or living in the center of San Jose.

The first thing that has helped with this change is the new National Stadium. This stadium cost $88 million dollars and was donated by China. Call it a political move because we know China got some perks on it also, but the bottom line is that last month when they removed the construction wall, added the beautiful landscaping and sidewalks (just like the picture above) that extend out to the street, the transformation of the whole area is outstanding.

The second thing that has been done in La Sabana area is the construction of high rise condos. There are a number of different luxurious condos that have great cityscape views of San Jose, the new stadium and surrounding picturesque mountains. These condos are very modern looking and have added exactly what was missing to give this area of San Jose a capital city feel.

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