Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Renewable Energy Costa Rica

Many people when buying second homes look for ways to cut down the cost just a little bit to maintain the homes on a monthly basis. When looking to expand your business the monthly bills always come into play on the area you might decide to open a new office. The Istitute of Costa Rican Electricity (ICE) is now making those concerns less of a burden by allowing energy consumers to produce their own energy.

Low Monthly Energy Cost

ICE is starting a pilot program that will allow residential, commercial, and industrial energy users to generate their own energy. The different forms of forming your own energy through this program would be hydro and micro-hydro, wind, sun, and bio-mass. The users of this program will still be connected to the main grid of ICE and when their production of electricity is greater than their consumption the energy will flow into the national grid. The way I look at it is a very interesting way of ICE hiring, you the consumer, to produce Energy. In producing energy you save money and ICE gets to pick up some of the left over Energy that is being produced by these homes and businesses. It is a win win situation for ICE and the energy consumer saving cost on all ends.

For anyone interested in Real Estate it is just another way that Costa Rica is keeping up with the times and making some of those already low living cost even lower.

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