Monday, November 29, 2010

Costa Rica Mountain Homes

We have seen many homes in Costa Rica but if you are looking for nature and being up in the mountains this is one of the most amazing places there is. Located in the hills of Heredia this brand new home is one of a kind. There are plenty of waterfalls in Costa Rica but to have one literally almost in your living room is quite unique. Take a look:

Heredia Costa Rica

Heredia is an area that is located on the East side of San Jose on the foothills of the Barva Volcano. The mountains of Heredia are not as developed as the west side of San Jose allowing for many places to give you the mountain feel with the tall trees and fresh mountain air. This has made the mountains of Heredia an excellent choice for looking for Costa Rican Real Estate. The center of Heredia has developed into an area where you really don't have to travel far to find what you are looking for. The beautiful and large mall of Paseo de las Flores has movie theaters, shops, excellent restaurants, and a state of the art fitness center. Heredia has built a brand-new hospital and many small universities are in the area also.

Heredia often boast of having the best climate in the Central Valley of Costa Rica. It's elevation just above that of San Jose allows it to catch the cooler air passing through the Central Valley. The mountains of Heredia can give you cool mountain air where even a chimney can be used at night and then during the day back to cool air where all you need is a t-shirt and jeans.

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