Saturday, October 30, 2010

Costa Rica Hospitals

When it comes to thinking about relocating or retiring in Costa Rica the first thing that might come to mind is the health-care and hospitals. Most people already know that Costa Rica is known for giving universal health-care to its citizens and residents. What people might not know is that foreigners can recieve state-of-the-art quality treatment, on a very personalized level, in a number of different hsospitals in the San Jose area, at a much lower cost than in the US. Several US-based insurance companies have travel and ex-pat type of policies that are recognized by these hospitals. Another plus of these three facilities is that the majority of the physicians are bilingual, along with many of the hospitals' staff. Here are three excellent hospitals just to name a few:

Three Private Hospitals in Costa Rica

The first hospital that comes to mind is the CIMA Hospital. This has become the poster hospital for Costa Rica and is setting new standards not only in Costa Rica but in all of Central America. It is located in the Escazu, San Jose area and is affiliated with Baylor University. Foreigners make up over 25% of the patients at CIMA and the number is growing. The best part about this hospital is the location. Many people when relocating to a new country ask about the proximity of good hospitals. Now with the new highway you can live in a beautiful beach condo and only be 1 hour from the CIMA hospital. Actually if you live farther out in the country, all three of these hospitals do have emergency helicopter medivac services.

If you are thinking about a home in the city a second hospital for excellent care is the Clinica Biblica which is in downtown San Jose. The Clinica Biblica is right up there with CIMA as far as up-to-date equipment and the service. They have a program in their International Patient Department where each foreigner is assigned a personal Health Care Assistant (HCA) who works one-on-one to help with all medical services. This might include:
  • Doctor Contact & Consultant
  • Price Quotes
  • Paper work
  • VIP Concierge Service
  • Contact of Insurance companies
The third hospital that comes to mind is Hospital Hotel Catolica formerly known as Clinica Catolica. If you decide to live in the clean fresh mountain area of Heredia, this hospital has access from the area through Tibas or Uruca. This is a beautiful hospital that has recently been renovated. What this hospital has is excellent physicians on a very small scale. This gives the feel of a small hospital and a very personalized and private setting. The Hospital Catolica offers a Hotel that is attached to the Hospital where patients can stay after surgery and where people can stay if their family member is in the hospital. It's like Costa Rica's version of the Ronald McDonald Houses.

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